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Let Mosaic take you on a voyage of discovery to the Mediterranean regions of North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. Let us dazzle you with virtuosic choreography, sparkling storytelling, sumptuous costuming, and performances you will never forget.  

Not only does interest continue to grow in world cultures and traditions, but also current world conditions demand a greater knowledge and understanding of them. Many cultures have contributed to and influenced the very fabric of modern American society, and we truly believe that the arts promote learning, appreciation, and respect for cultural diversity. 


Our world is still battling the coronavirus pandemic, and hopefully sooner rather than later things will be safe for us all. We are looking forward to being back on stage and in-person, but until then, we are creating new programs for the virtual environment. 

Distance Learning
Online Programming

Mosaic: A World in Motion


”Congratulations on this production — it tasted like a PBS special, only better!“  —Dianne G


”This was a fantastic program! Thanks so much for sharing this.” Amy G-J

”As you can imagine, I'm feeling very ’travel-starved,̦’ so I especially loved this aspect of the show.” —Elisa D

Developed in response to the shutdown of the performing arts during the coronavirus pandemic, A World in Motion takes you on a different journey, exploring the rich cultural diversity of dance and folkloric traditions in the lands of North Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe. With each new monthly episode, streamed on YouTubeLive, you’ll get an up-close view, as seen through the lens of Mosaic’s critically acclaimed theatrical productions, with history and background information, and commentary on the choreography that closes the program. Come along with us — no travel visas are required.

Distance Learning
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Arts-In-Education Programs

Wait until you see what we’ll have to bring dance and storytelling to elementary and middle school students!

Coming soon! 

Dance Like an Egyptian

This 30-minute, on-demand, pre-recorded interactive program for both girls and boys teaches a short choreography in Egyptian folkloric dance. A live Q&A with the performers is available upon request.

Walk Like an Egyptian

Students can learn some of the different positions of Pharaonic dance, a style of dance that is based on the poses in the wall paintings and tomb carvings of Ancient Egypt. This on-demand, pre-recorded 30-minute lesson will incorporate the poses into a short choreography. A live Q&A with the performers is available upon request.

The Scarab Beetle’s Daughter

This on-demand program is available as a 30-minute, stand-alone performance of an Iranian folktale told in MDTC’s signature style of dance/story theater, or as a longer residency program where students will learn steps to the different styles of dance presented in the story so they will be able to dance along with the performers as the story unfolds. A live Q&A with the performers is available upon request. 

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