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VISIONS OF THE NEAR EAST provides a dynamic travelogue of dance through the Arab world. Faithful to ethnic dance traditions, these inspired original works transcend cultural boundaries.

MEDITERRANEAN MOSAIC savors the rich folkloric traditions from North Africa, the Middle East, with a dash of spice from Italy, Greece, and Spain.

ALHAYAT RAKSA (LIFE IS A DANCE) centers around an Arab woman who, at the end of her life, resolves her conflicting emotions and resentments of having had to follow the traditional path for a woman of marriage and a family, instead of pursuing a career as a dancer.

BEYOND THE IMAGE brings to life paintings of the 19th century academic Orientalist genre, through traditional and interpretive styles of Middle Eastern dance with themes such as the harem, the bath, rural life in North Africa, and Ancient Egypt.

TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS enchants with four magical tales adapted from Scheherazade’s thousand and one Arabian nights, and presented in MDTC’s signature style of dance/story theater.

THROUGH HER EYES is a joyous, multi-media, dance celebration of women’s contributions to world culture, and takes you on  a journey to the Near East through the ages, from Ancient Mesopotamia to the present day.

“Inspired by the actors’ costumes and expressions and by a musical collage, but mostly by the richness of words, the audience is lulled into fantasy.”

—Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger

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