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Let Mosaic take you on a voyage of discovery to the Mediterranean regions of North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. Let us dazzle you with virtuosic choreography, sparkling storytelling, sumptuous costuming, and performances you will never forget.  

Not only does interest continue to grow in world cultures and traditions, but also current world conditions demand a greater knowledge and understanding of them. Many cultures have contributed to and influenced the very fabric of modern American society, and we truly believe that the arts promote learning, appreciation, and respect for cultural diversity. 

And Now...

MDTC has joined the ranks of the many performing arts organizations that have returned to in-person programming. Our new production, Troy: Women & War, premiered in spring of 2022. We are excited with this new work and looking forward to the projects yet to come.

Engage with Us
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Troy: Women & War captures the essence of the Trojan War through the eyes of its women – how it began, how it ended, and the physical, emotional, and psychological brutalities suffered by the Trojan women. Conceived and directed by Morgiana Celeste Varricchio and choreographed by Samara Adell, with a soundtrack of contemporary fusion music by Jehan Kamal, Troy: Women & War mingles the classical and the modern to underscore the perpetual existence of war and its horrors. Compelling projections, enhanced by an on-stage Trojan horse, create a backdrop of time and place, and further intensify the actions and emotions of the characters, masterfully performed by a cast of seven.

Watch the trailer.

Listen to the audience raves!

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