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In Schools

From ancient civilizations to the modern world, a magic carpet ride of dance and storytelling is sure to captivate students of all ages.

In-School Assemblies

Caravan to Cairo

Hop aboard the Caravan to Cairo, and travel through the lands of North Africa and the Middle East in a delightful dance journey filled with a diversity of engaging dance styles, musical rhythms, lavish colorful costumes, and a charming story-theater adaptation of a folktale from the Near East. A short interactive dance lesson adds to the fun. (Grades K – 8)


Land of The Pharaohs

Travel back in time to the Land of The Pharaohs for an overview of Ancient Egypt from its origins to the 20th century, through an interdisciplinary presentation of ancient and present-day dance styles with supporting story-theater narrative. This entertaining and educational adventure is a perfect tie-in to elementary school curriculum studies of ancient civilizations. (Grades 4 – 8)

school assembly

“Fascinating, captivating, and extremely educational.”

—Peter Crosta, Asst. Director of Special Projects K-12,

Orange Township Public Schools

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