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Meet the Cast -- Troy: Women & War

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

MDTC is immersed in rehearsals for our upcoming production, Troy: Women & War -- an exploration of the Trojan War (how it began, and its aftermath) mainly from the standpoint of the women who were affected. The production premieres on May 21 and 22, 2022 in Montclair, NJ.

We have a terrific cast of dancers, both new and familiar faces, and are happy to tell you all about them!

Who You Know

Morgiana Celeste Varricchio, MDTC's Producing Artistic Director is the creator and director of the production. She plays the part of Hecuba, the Queen of Troy.

Samara Adell, MDTC's Artistic Director for Dance is the Choreographer.

Nina Brewton, who has been with MDTC since our first production in 2003, plays the role of Andromache, the wife of the Trojan hero Hector, as well as the role of Hera, the queen of the gods of Ancient Greece.

Rafael Domenech, a native of Caracas, Venezuela, and last seen with MDTC in "Beyond the Image" (our last live performance before COVID) returns to us in the roles of King Menelaus of Sparta (Helen's first husband) and the mighty warrior Achilles.

Kendra Dushac McCarthy returns to dance with Mosaic in the role of Helen of Troy.

Who's New

Sara Grassi, a native of Genoa, Italy, joins the production in the roles of the tragic Polyxena, a princess of Troy's royal family, and the goddess Aphrodite.

Anna Starr, now based in NYC, but originally from Dallas, Texas makes her first appearance with MDTC in the roles of Cassandra, who predicted the downfall of Troy only not to be believed, and the warrior goddess Athena.

Lawrence Karl hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and portrays the doomed Trojan hero, Hector, as well as his hapless brother, Paris.

You'll be hearing more about these talented performers, as well as the production itself as we get closer to opening night. And, after two years, we can't wait!


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