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Backyard to Backstage and Back Again

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

How many times have we heard (or maybe even said), “Let’s put on a show!” It’s one thing to throw a few bedsheets over a clothes line and quite something else to engage in a full load-in at a brick-and mortar professional venue. MDTC was invited to perform our Beyond the Image Suite in the Jamaica (Queens) Center for Arts and Learning’s Making Moves Dance Festival 2020, and also had to reschedule Linked by Tradition, our concert of Middle Eastern, Flamenco, and Indian dance that was cancelled in March. So, what could we do when performing arts centers are still in COVID-19 shutdown mode and “the show must go on,” even in a virtual arena, as both of these concerts had become?

Costumes for folkloric dance are as much a character on stage as the performers themselves, so performing the dances in costume was a must. And, since the costumes are all stored at MDTC “HQ,” it was a given that somehow we all had to perform together. But where, when, and how? To answer those questions MDTC got creative, looked at the resources at hand, and found the answer in the driveway at HQ.


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